Land has increased in value by over 900% over the last twenty years and remains one of the most admired forms of investment.

Historically, buying land has been limited to large development companies, farmers and wealthy individuals. Best Plots offer individual investment plots for sale at prices inexpensive to most income earners.

We acquire land from leading sources across the UK and offer these freehold sites to our clients.

Opulence also specialise in providing land for sale to long-term investors. These sites are, characteristically, situated close to existing development in areas which have been identified as standing good long-term chances of attainment planning permission. A residential-sized plot of land would allow buyers to share in any future expansion gains without the need to buy large acreages as a developer would.

The simplicity and transparency of land venture has gained many supporters. There are no complex concepts that purchasers need to identify with, just that there is an ever-increasing demand for land in the UK.

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